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Fitness Center FAQ

How far in advance can I make my reservation?

  • You are able to make your reservation beginning every Sunday at 12pm for the following week.

Can I cancel my reservation?

    • Yes, you can cancel your reservation on the reservation site. Please be sure to cancel as soon as possible.
    • If you need to cancel your reservation log in to your online account, choose “your orders” from your name dropdown menu, select your order, and click the red “cancel reservation” button. You can reach someone by phone at: 603-646-8106.

    Can I share my reservation with someone else?

    Will I be charged for making a reservation?

    • No, you will not be charged for making a reservation.

    How will I show the front desk that I have a confirmed reservation?

    • Your reservation will be linked to your student ID card. Once you scan your ID, your reservation will show us that your reservation has been confirmed.

    What If I arrive late for my reservation?

    • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes in advance of your reserved time and practice proper social distancing. We will strive to honor all reservations, but maintain the right to turn away students who arrive more than 10 minutes after their scheduled workout start time. 

    Am I allowed to leave the building before my reservation ends?

    • Yes, you may leave whenever your workout is finished within the hour of your reservation block.

    Can I switch my reservation location mid-way through with another person?

    • No. The reservation you make is for one location only, if you would like to make a separate reservation for a different location, you may do that but it will be for an additional hour time block.

    How many reservations can I make in one day?

    • One reservation in West Gym and one reservation in Zimmerman are allowed per student per day for a total of 2 reservations.
    • You can make two reservations in one day, however please keep in mind with our limited capacity we want to make sure that most of your fellow students are given a chance to work out.

    Do I have to bring my student ID with me to the fitness center?

    • You will not be allowed to enter the building without your ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    What safety measures will be in place to ensure a clean workout environment?

    • Every hour the gym is cleared and equipment is thoroughly cleaned for the next session
    • Sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the fitness center for your convenience
    • Equipment is spaced 10 feet apart as recommended by the state guidelines?
    • Signage will be placed throughout the building to help traffic flow.

    What is required during check-in and check-out before entering the fitness center

    • You are required to wear a mask at all times
    • You will be required to take a temperature check as you enter Alumni Gym
    • You will be required to bring your Dartmouth ID to enter Alumni Gym and Zimmerman Fitness Center/West Gym

    Are masks required while I am working out?

    • Masks will be required at all times during your workout. Quick removal of your mask for hydration will be permissible.

    Will there be water stations available to use?

    • Water stations will be available for bottle refilling only. Please bring your own water bottle. There are three bottle filling stations available in the building: One in the back of the Zimmerman Fitness Center by the bathrooms, one inside the West Gym and one in the hallway outside of the West Gym.

    Alumni Gym Hours

    For Gym Hours click Here: Gym Hours

    Correct Mask Wearing is Mandatory

    If you are not wearing your mask properly, the attendant will ask you to leave your workout immediately.

    Your mask must cover your nose and mouth at all times- with the exception of hydrating.