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Code of Conduct

Alumni Gymnasium COVID-19 Code of Conduct

The Alumni Gymnasium COVID-19 Code of Conduct is designed to provide gym members with a list of rules and guidelines they must follow when using the facilities. These guidelines have been created to ensure the safety of all gym users and to help prevent any potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. Anyone exhibiting behavior that does not adhere to the code of conduct could be asked to leave the facility as well as have their membership privileges revoked.

General Rules to Follow:

1. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.

        • Check your temperature from home prior to coming to Alumni Gymnasium. You will be checked at Alumni Gymnasium prior to working out, but we ask you know you don’t have a temperature equal to or exceeding 100.4 degrees prior to coming to our facilities.
        • The same applies for if you have: anyone at your household or someone you have been around has had a fever, lung or respiratory discomfort, sore throat, cough, or if you believe or may have been in contact with anyone suspected of having COVID-19.

        2. Users ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE their ID card with them in order to enter the facilities. There are no exceptions.

            3. Patrons are required to wear a mask or face covering when inside Alumni Gymnasium at all times.

            4. We will be operating at a limited percentage of our capacity (this number will be based on current State guidelines). You must have a reserved spot in order to work out. No walk-ins will be allowed to stay.

            5. Gym Members must follow the correct directional pattern while in the building.

            • The floors of Alumni Gymnasium will be labeled with some doors and stairways serving as entrance and exit only.

            6. Users are required to wipe down equipment before and after use. This process must be done whenever a piece of equipment is touched.

            7. When working out in the Zimmerman Fitness Center, do not pick machines to begin a workout that are within 10-feet of other users. Try and keep one machine between you and fellow gym patrons when using equipment. 

            8. Some Zimmerman Fitness Center equipment will be offline in order to keep a 10-foot social distancing radius.

            • Although a piece of equipment or a machine is open, it will be offline and is not to be used under any circumstance. These will be marked as unavailable.

            9. In order to keep our facilities clean, we will be closing at various times throughout the day to perform cleanings of our spaces.

            • The Zimmerman Fitness Center Staff will alert the facility users when there is 15-minutes before we will be closing, and it is expected that all members exit the building prior to the closing time. You may also be alerted via text through our reservation system, if you choose to be alerted that day.

            10. There will be no towels handed out so be prepared to bring your own.

            11. Users are asked to be conscious of their “finger traffic” throughout the building. Please only touch the equipment your using. Please try and avoid touching walls and counter tops.

            12. Partnered workouts are allowed, however they must be done within the 10-foot social distancing guideline.

              Alumni Gym Hours

              For Gym Hours click Here: Gym Hours

              Correct Mask Wearing is Mandatory

              If you are not wearing your mask properly, the attendant will ask you to leave your workout immediately.

              Your mask must cover your nose and mouth at all times- with the exception of hydrating.