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Equipment Descriptions

Treadmill: A piece of exercise equipment that has a belt that loops around, driven by a motor. Generally used for walking, running or climbing while stationary. Benefits include calorie burning, cardio exercise that helps improve heart health, and strengthens and tones your calves, butt and quad muscles.

Elliptical: A stationary exercise machine that simulates climbing, cycling, running, or walking. Provides low-impact exercising to reduce joint pressure.

Rowing Machine: A piece of equipment that mimics the motion of watercraft rowing, making it a full body workout. Great for weight loss, toning and building muscles, and increasing stamina.

Spin Bike: Involves using an indoor stationary bicycle with a weighted flywheel that focuses on endurance and strength. It provides a full body workout and is very effective at strengthening the hips, thighs, abs, calves, and shoulders.

Recumbent Machine: A recumbent bike is a stationary cycle that has a seat, a back rest, and you pedal with your legs in front, rather than down below you as on an upright bike. This position is very ergonomic and back-friendly.

Upright Bike: Upright exercise bikes are like a standard road bike, where the pedals are below your center of gravity and you can lean over the handlebars. A great option for those looking for a whole-body workout, upright exercise bikes engage more muscles and more accurately mimic an outdoor riding experience such as riding up and downhills. Other benefits include working the core/abdominal muscles by holding your body upright, and engaging the biceps, triceps, and should muscles when supporting your weight on the handlebars.

Stair Master: is a stationary fitness machine that rotates steps, similar to a treadmill, allowing the user to climb upward at the speed and duration he or she sets. It can provide an above-average cardio workout, while also toning lower-body muscles, especially the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Arc Trainer: A popular alternative motion cardio unit that offers extreme efficiency and effectiveness backed by exercise science. It's really three machines in one.At lower incline levels, it glides like a cross-country skier. In the middle, it strides like an elliptical. At higher levels, it's a climber.

Exercise pods: A 10x10ft space for individual workouts without equipment. Personal yoga mats are allowed in this space.

Alumni Gym Hours

For Gym Hours click Here: Gym Hours

Correct Mask Wearing is Mandatory

If you are not wearing your mask properly, the attendant will ask you to leave your workout immediately.

Your mask must cover your nose and mouth at all times- with the exception of hydrating.